Meal Prep

To kickstart a healthier 2020, City Café introduces a healthy Meal Prep that will help you reach your desired results on your 2020 year resolution.

A variety of nine delicious & fresh meals is available for you to choose from our from our new catalogue. Items are prepared by our Chefs and are available upon demand. They can be frozen and consumed at any time.

Enjoy a good meal in a great price.

Lemon thyme chicken & Green Veg, Roasted sweet potato


Chicken breast (200g), lemon thyme, cayenne, cumin, sweet potato (100g), broccoli (100g), salt, pepper, olive oil Nutritional information:
Calories         469 kcal
Protein           68g
Total fat         10g
Carbohydrate  24g

Steak fajita bowl & Persillade Lime brown rice


Beef (180g), brown rice (100g), garlic, pepper, parsley, avocado, lime, olive oil, cumin, paprika, capsicum, onion

Nutritional information:
Calories          659kcal
Protein            46g
Total fat          39g
Carbohydrate  36g

Barramundi steamed with Thai spices 


Barramundi (200g), bok choy, capsicum, spring onion, lemongrass, ginger, coriander, brown rice (100g), olive oil, soy sauce
Nutritional information:
Calories          337kcal
Protein            41g
Total fat          7g
Carbohydrate  32g

Prawn scampi with orzo & tomato

Prawn (100g), cherry tomatoes (50g), orzo (100g), garlic, chilli flakes, olive oil

Nutritional information:
Calories  315kcal
Protein    43g
Total fat   2g
Carbohydrate  34g


Braised beef with root veggies and red wine 


Beef (180g), mushrooms (50g), carrot, celery, tomato paste, butter, red wine, rosemary, parsley

Nutritional information:
Calories     391kcal
Protein   40g
Total fat    22g
Carbohydrates   79g

Poached chicken and greek cucumber noodle salad


Chicken (200g), Noodles (100g) cucumber, oregano, lemon, cherry tomato, salt, pepper, olive oil, red wine vinegar, chilli flakes 

Nutritional information:
Calories     408kcal
Protein    52g
Total fat    9g
Carbohydrate   25g

Pan cooked beef tenderloin with brussels sprouts and shallots


Beef (180g), brussels sprouts, whole grain mustard, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, maple syrup

Nutritional information:
Calories     413 kcal
Protein    40g
Total fat    19g
Carbohydrate    21g

Smoked paprika steak with couscous and spinach 


Beef (180g), couscous (100g), paprika, spinach (30g), Greek yogurt (70g), garlic, white wine, pepper, garlic, olive oil

Nutritional information:
Calories     519kcal
Protein    52g
Total fat    23g
Carbohydrate    27g


100g Chicken Breast                          $6

Add 100g of chicken breast to each meal

100g Beef                                           $6

Add 100g of beef to each meal

100g Prawn                                        $7

Add 100g of prawn to each meal

100g Salmon                                      $7

Add 100g of salmon to each meal

100g Brown rice                                $4              

Add 100g of brown rice to each meal

100g Quinoa                                       $4

Add 100g of quinoa to each meal

100g Penne                                         $4

Add 100g of penne to each meal

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