Opening Hours

Wednesday - Saturday:12:00 to 14:00, pickup*

Friday Dinner 18:00 to 20:00 pickup*

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Closed

* to order call 7981 5126

opening hours updated 14 April 2020.


We can say with confidence that our City Café has the best Ramen in Town.
With our Chef Kiyoshi and his team, we offer a unique and authentic Ramen experience.

There are so many flavours available for you to choose; you can experience a new and different flavoured one every day.

We also know that your time is valuable, so we guarantee a fast service, so you can have your lunch with no rush.








Chilli Oil                                          free

This makes the ramen quite spicy

Pork Char Siu                                     $5

This makes the ramen quite nutritious

Extra Noodles                                     $3

This makes the ramen quite filling

Marinated Seaweed                            $3

This makes the ramen quite green

Marinated Egg                                    $2

This makes the ramen quite unique

Bamboo Shoots                                  $2

This makes the ramen quite crunchy

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Located at 59 Smith Street, Darwin, Northern Territory, 0800 Australia

Phone: +61 8 7981 5126